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Benefits of Pre-Planning Memorial and Funeral Services


By taking advantage of advance planning, these benefits are realized:


  • Guaranteed funeral prices - Cost is “price-protected”  -  Cost is fixed
  • Age and health condition have no impact on cost/planning 
  • Affordable monthly terms or single payment
  • Not subject to fees or taxes
  • Eliminates an emotional and financial burden from children/family members.
  • Protects assets from long-term care or illness

 A decision to plan ahead allows you to have input on how you are remembered, how much you wish to spend, and provides an opportunity for you to make these important decisions.

Important Facts About Pre-Planning/Pre-Need Arrangements

Governess/Security of Pre-Need Arrangement

  • Governed by the State of Texas Department of Banking – as it relates to the security of funds. 
  • Governed by the State of Texas Department of Insurance – as it relates to the terms and conditions specified in the actual policy.
  • The Homesteaders Life Company - provider of coverage -  Founded in 1906, Financial Strength Rating of A (Excellent). 

Payment Options

  • One single payment 
  • A down payment
  • No down payment
  • Affordable monthly terms over a period of 3, 5 or 7 years. In some instances, a 10 yea


Funeral Home Providers - Client Preferences Paramount

     Primary providers

       - Sugar Land Mortuary

       - Mabrie Memorial Mortuary

       - McCoy & Harrison Inc.

       - Funeral providers requested by clients



  • Pre-Needs may be transferred to a different funeral home, without restriction to the city or state. (The funeral home transferred to is not required to honor the specifics in the pre-need. However, the funds in total would be transferT