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Lodis Walker Wykoff, owner of Wykoff Consulting, LLC, is a licensed Pre-Need Counselor and Agent.  She is also a licensed Funeral Director, who has worked in the industry for a number of years.  With this knowledge base, she is prepared to developed pre-planning that is specifically customized for each client.  Arrangements are personalized to capture both client preferences and related components that support those preferences.  

Lodis has considerable experience in the funeral industry, which began as Director, Operations and Marketing for a large area funeral home. During her tenure, she supported and directed the delivery of caring and sensitive services to 100s of families in the Sugar Land, Fort Bend County and Greater Houston Metropolitan Areas. This experience provides the insight, skills and expertise needed to deliver thorough and exceptional services to those seeking pre-planning. 

Our Approach


Wykoff Consulting, LLC is sensitive to ensuring that the preferences, plans and specifications  communicated by each client are a part of pre-planning arrangements.  We work diligently to ensure that pre-planning arrangements are customized for each client.

 The related costs are carefully explained, and every effort is made to provide payment options/plans that accommodate the needs of each client. 

In addition,  all related information is put in writing to supplement the pre-planning/pre-need arrangements and ensure that ALL specifics discussed are a part of the records such that plans may be implemented exactly as designated by the client.

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In structuring pre-need arrangements, Wykoff Consulting, LLC is affiliated with The Homesteaders Life Company, which was founded in 1906 and has a Financial Strength Rating of A (Excellent).  Funeral home affiliations include Sugar Land Mortuary, McCoy & Harrison Funeral Home, Inc. and Mabrie Memorial Mortuary with services also available through other key funeral homes in the Greater Houston area.

Lodis Walker Wykoff, owner, is totally committed to the work that she does, and she strives to make a difference for those served. 

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