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Approach to Providing Pre-Planning Services


Counseling and Planning - Cost & Payment Options

Wykoff Consulting, LLC understands that a key factor in customizing pre-planning arrangements is to ensure that the needed time and care are made available to each client/family. We understand that thorough information and guidance must be provided regarding pre-planning in general and concerning all options that are available for funeral, memorial and cremation services.

We very diligently ensure that pre-need counseling responds to those, who have made firm decisions regarding preference, as well as to those, who realize that pre-planning is imperative, but have not made decisions regarding how it should be approach or the relevant options. Wykoff Consulting, LLC is committed to providing patient and caring services that are designed to customize and fulfil the need of each client/family served.

Once desired services and related costs are defined, clients/families receive relevant information regarding the various financial options (inclusive of all related content) that will facilitate well-informed decisions. We ensure that the resources  are made available to support informed decisions that best coincide with individual preferences and financial objectives.  


Supplemental & Relevant Content for Future Guidance

Wykoff Consulting, LLC embraces the concept that relevant information (that supplements and further defines the general arrangements) communicated by clients/families during the pre-planning meeting(s) must be documented and available for guidance at the time of need. Great effort is extended to ensure that a notarized statement is placed in the file that clearly documents and communicates stated preferences, plans, and guidelines that define the future arrangements that are to be implemented. This document is designed to speak for the person, who has taken great care to ensure that their pre-planning arrangements are completed.


Irrevocable Pre-Planning

Specific to Residents/Patients of Care Facilities  

Wykoff Consulting, LLC works with care facilities to provide assistance for those who are a part of one of the groups identified below, and would benefit from irrevocable pre-planning:  

§ Medicaid Patients:  exceed or are approaching the allowable limit of $2,000 

§ Private Pay Residents/Patients:   want to reach the $2,000 threshold  

§ Patients/Residents Under Guardianship: benefits patients and guardians

§ Patients/Residents Who Are Their Own Responsible Party:  realize benefits


Creating irrevocable arrangements requires structuring the desired funeral services at a cost that accommodates each patient’s/resident’s budget; ensuring that their preferences are captured; designating a funeral service provider that meets the needs and completing the required  documentation.