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MASA Transportation & Relocation Solutions

For those who travel frequently or infrequently, Wykoff Consulting, LLC offers transportation insurance that  will ensure return from anywhere in the world to the city where final disposition will occur.

This coverage is provided at a nominal fee through MASA Transportation & Relocation Solutions.  It eliminates the high cost along with stress and uncertainty that family members often endure when taking the steps required to get a loved one home from a distant location.

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Benefits of Transport & Relocation Insurance

What Service Are Provided?

1.  Return of mortal remains when you are 75 miles or more away from your legal residence.

2.  Help find local, licensed funeral home of Mortuary to care for the deceased.

3.  Arranging for the preparation of the deceased for transport including embalming and cremation.

4.  Close involvement with a selected, licensed receiving funeral home or mortuary to make sure your wishes are fulfilled.

5.  All documents including customs documents or diplomatic issues involved anywhere in the world.

6.  Rigorous management of all cases to ensure the highest quality of services.

7.  Set procedures for the time of need so there will be no added stress due any uncertainty about what to do.

8. Access to trends, recommendations, or warnings regarding travel.

9.  No claim forms, no deductibles, no age limits, no health questions.